Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Say it ain't so: The Real Household Cancels Cable

Real Husband and I decided to cut the Real Household’s cable. For months (by months, I mean 12 of ‘em), we’ve talked about it. It’s something we felt was unnecessary and costly. As part of our newfound adventure in creating a healthier lifestyle, we felt cutting the cable would help us become more financially healthy.
Now, I admit it was tough the first few days. The first day, I returned home from work and sat down to watch Dr. Phil (don’t you judge me), and then remembered, no cable. Guess what? I got my ass off the couch and did stuff. Like real stuff. (Okay, I jumped on Facebook, but still.)
Seriously, I finally felt a little more in control of my days. I’m not saying I was a slave to cable TV, but I did watch more than I should have. Since cutting the cable, I have definitely become more productive. I feel more alive, for lack of a better word. Now when I come home, I find something to do. Things I’ve been putting off because we all know the days when there is just so much shit to do, you do nothing instead. Less TV has helped me concentrate on those mundane tasks I’ve been putting off.
What I find funny about the whole situation is people’s reaction to our decision to get rid of cable. You’d have thought I told them I decided to sacrifice my first-born son. It’s the same reaction ever time. “What? You don’t have cable? Why? What?” This is always paired with a look of incredulous wonder. No one ever says, “Well good for you.” Instead, they give me a sympathetic nod and a look of compassion.  
Admittedly, it kind of sucks not being up to date on current reality shows or the newest hip drama series. However, the benefits we’ve reaped the last few weeks is so worth nixing all the crap television we were watching.
Our family has become a little closer and we talk more than we did. The kids still get a little TV here and there watching their favorite show on Netflix, but nowhere near the amount they were watching. I was the mom that let the kids watch too much television.
The moral of the story? Do something to make life easier. It doesn’t have to be cable you get rid of. Just trim some of the excess to make life more manageable. You won’t regret it.
Besides, doing things like this make you better than all the other moms. That alone is worth no cable. *winkie face*


  1. I took us down to basic, as in 20 channels, no DVR a few years ago and my family flipped. It was serious mutany for days at our house. Then money got good and husband added it all back in. I hate it. My kids are glued to it and I am thinking it is going away again. TV is such a time sucker.

    Good for you!

  2. You go girl! We have cable so I can watch my sports; but I HATE prime time tv/reality tv/etc. I always love the looks I get from people when I say "oh, I don't watch TV" or have no idea what they are talking about. It's a much different perspective to not know whose dancing or singing or competing or what the inside jokes are from tv shows (I still don't know what the 'that's what she said' means).

    The only question I have is - did you cut the Netflix too? Assuming you have Netflix that is ... because that is something I just WOULD NOT be able to do without. I need my history channel specials when I'm sick hahaha.


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