Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Letter to Octomom

The following is a letter to Nadya Suleman. I can't even begin to understand this woman. Typically, I try not to care about people like this, but all I can't think about are those kids. All 14 of 'em. Enjoy and pass it on. Maybe it will make it to her.
Dear Nadya Suleman,
You are still in the media? Since you have decided to allow the press into your life, I’m going to go ahead and jump onboard as well.
You have 14 children. You are a single mother. You have little to no support. You do not have a job. How in the world are you able to take care of these children? Even childcare centers have a caregiver to child ratio which is typically 5:1. There is no way in hell you are able to give your children the time and attention they need.
I thought about my current status as a working mother to two children. That alone is difficult. I spend 9.5 hours away from my children five days a week. That means they receive about three hours of my undivided attention each weekday. (Who am I kidding? I try hard to give them my undivided attention. After all, I still must cook and clean.) This isn’t really fair to my children to not give them what I can when I’m with them. I can’t imagine stretching myself between 12 more children.
To top that off, you have children with special needs. I’m assuming these children need more of your time and dedication. It’s as though you said, “Screw my first six kids. They don’t need me. I’m going for it. I’m getting pregnant again. Oh, there are eight babies in there? This must be what God wants so let’s shoot for the moon. It can’t be that hard right?”
You already had six kids. Six! By yourself. Weren’t you already tired? Or do you truly enjoy torture?
I’d like to know how in God’s name you can even defend your reasons behind having so many children without any means to support them. This baffles me. I only have two children and a husband and even I find it difficult to make ends meet.
Furthermore, your mental state is questionable. You make Kate Gosselin look like a saint. For that, I applaud you because that woman is crazy. It seems you are suffering from some sort of condition that causes you to be delusional. There is no other reason for anything you say.
In a recent interview with CNN, you said you need a job. Well, of course you do. You also wanted to know who would hire you because everyone hates you. It’s not that they hate you. Rather, they know they cannot pay you a salary that will allow you to support 14 children. Alone. Furthermore, you will never have enough sick days that 14 children will require.
Now your family is living day-to-day hoping to get a hand out. Guess what? There is only one person to blame for this. Nadya Suleman. Since you are unable to provide adequately for your children, they now have to deal with the ill decisions of their mother.
Why don’t you have a reality show yet? Oh wait. I know. I don’t think any network wants to work with someone who is truly crazy. The only acceptable crazy is Charlie Sheen crazy. At least his mental state can be attributed to excessive drug abuse.
Interestingly, I recently read you said you would now do porn. I say, do it. Immediately. Then, I read that you said, "The only flesh I'm touching is my own. I would never, never accept anything. I will not lose my grip of my deeply indoctrinated morals and values." What the hell does that even mean? (At least it explains your means of getting pregnant.) So you'll do porn, but not with anyone else because of your morals and values? At this point, your values are out the window as evidenced by this:
Octomom Nadya Suleman Reveals How Much She Made for Posing Nude

Your justification for having kids is, “Oh I just always wanted to be a mom.” You know, you could have just had one kid Nadya. Having kids requires more work than just wanting them. You have to have a way of supporting them. Unfortunately, that means you have to have money. Gasp! What a concept.
I’ll go ahead and say it. You’re about a dumb broad. I really want to give you a swift kick to the uterus for using such poor reasoning skills.
I will wish you luck in the coming years because your kids deserve a life with a mom (parent) that can fulfill all of their needs. Love ‘em all you want, but they need more.
I'll leave this with a quote from you, which I find terribly contradictory to every choice you've made in becoming a mother: "Every choice we parents make is going to significantly affect our children for the rest of our lives. It's going to haunt them forever. I have to be the ultimate positive role model."
I think you needed that advice 13 kids ago.

In my humble yet accurate opinion,

Christal, The Real Housewife of Santee


  1. This was a really good article. Now if only, she would come and read it and learn from your good advice. Blunt, to the point, yes the truth hurts, but she would probably learn a thing or two. And I too have morals and would never put my body out there like that. I don't care how much she got paid to do it. And I don't think anybody would watch her reality show anyway, if she did in fact have one.
    I hope you don't mind, I've copied your link to your article to share the link with my readers and send them your way.

  2. I'm going to add the link to this in with my Casey Anthony post I published today. And there's an even worse mom right there. My friends and I have been talking about her today trying to boycott her new movie that is coming out and we heard she wants to write a book. But I don't think she can as it's in the court orders for her not to do it.

  3. http://jennyjofaypaperdolls.blogspot.com/2012/06/casey-anthony-deserves-death-sentence.html

    here's the link to my post, where I've posted the link to this article.

    And I could also care less for Kate Gosselin too. But at least she's got more brains than the other two.

    1. The Real Housewife of SanteeJune 4, 2012 at 6:52 PM

      Jennifer, thank you so much for the share! I'm off to read your post. :)

  4. Good lord, if she now has a new boyfriend, this might potentially mean six more kids! They need that like a hole in the head.


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